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One. After the registration member may carry on the shopping, the order form inquiry in this website, delivers goods the        situation inquiry and so on
Two. Member may be you is advantageous for memory any code number.In registration user's time, asks you to input your       real information by all means must, like this is advantageous to each service which receives us to provide.
Three. You may register the account number as necessary, examined and revises your registration information.
Four. If has the following any situation, our company is authorized to terminate provides the member to the user to serve:
    1) User's registration material is not real, after the registration we delete in 12 hours.
    2) The user application registers the latter 3 months not to purchase merchandise the record.
    3) Under the order form does not pay money many times.
    4) The user violates in this agreement the use rule.
Five. We will provide the high quality product for you, high quality service, preferential benefit price.Thanks your support!
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