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XIAMEN PANTHER TATTOO SUPPLIES FACTORY developed from XIAMEN PANTHER TATTOO CENTRE,it was opened in 2000,designed and did tattoo art. We have 3 tattoo shops 1 training class in local city,The factory ower was professional tattoo artist,he tattooed and trained the new artist also.He learnt much from the daily tattooing and manufactured the first Chinese tattoo machine at 2000 when China tattoo supplies market was blank.We were being the first tattoo machines manufacturer in China.We began to make machines for artists,At beginning we got many difficulties,we fixed and growed of it.We got more and more appreciations and orders from customers.We expand the production to fit the market growing.So far we have 30 skilled workers help us.They are excellently.We proud of our products,we will keep learning to make it better and better.We know only good quality will let customers trust and stay with you.We want be that guy. Thanks for all of our customers,they make us!
For more information email us at tattoopanthers@hotmail.com
Tel:0086 592 5717918
Mobile phone:0086 13400659847
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